Poor old Sam – kalawaci na tamata


The Government Directory appears to show that Samuela Saumatua is the Minister for Local Government. But it’s King Khaiyum who sacks his appointees as Local Government Administrators without proper process, announcing that even though there are no charges, allegations have been made, and that’s enough for Khaiyum. This is typical Bainikhaiyum regime. No proper process is followed, even though failure to follow proper process is one of the allegations made against the sacked Administrators. Even a retired senior Military officer is treated with utter contempt by Khaiyum.

Fiji Live June 11, 2013 New administrators for Nadi, Sigatoka

4 Responses to “Poor old Sam – kalawaci na tamata”

  1. Anon Says:

    when is army gonna learn?? take some of their own medicine the fools.

  2. kai viti sona lelevu ena matanitu nei bainisona Says:

    Col Saumatua tamata sona levu wele tu ga caka nona na kemui cai o kaiyum,,,,,,,sivia ga na dolava qo dolava ya drau vicai voreqe,,,,o administrator mada e suva se dabe tiko ga nai vola sa tiko qori levu ni corruption,,,,’
    dou Kai viti macawa sona lelevu

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    Poor old Sam?

    He deserves it. If he is deluded enough to think that his ministerial appointment is because of his brilliance, he deserves more of these publicly patronizing moments for our entertainment if anything else.

  4. Ateca.V Says:

    I heard that Sam resigned – which if true paints a totally different picture of whats happening

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