Who and what are the targets?

Khaiyum has 6 targets in his sight for his Unexplained Wealth Decree. This is 6 people who will be required to prove they’ve acquired all their wealth legitimately. They are guilty until proven innocent. They don’t need to be convicted of anything. They will have their property seized if they can’t prove they’ve earned every cent to their name. But who are they? Is their wealth so big and so obviously unexplained that they’re obvious targets? Or are they political enemies like Mahendra Chaudhry? Only one thing can we be certain of. Despite all his secret deals Khaiyum will not be a target, just as Aslam Khan and his Madam are safe, not to forget the Bainimarama piglets.

Fiji Village 09/06/2013
6 cases of unexplained wealth received

10 Responses to “Who and what are the targets?”

  1. Jai Says:

    Isa come any topic, Aslam Khan and his wife has to be dragged into it. Media Freedom!

  2. Shamima Says:

    Declaring wealth is for people who want to contest the 2014 elections, Right?

    Is Aslam Khan and his Madam also contesting election Rajen chodri?

  3. Supremo Says:

    Shamima u got it wrong. The decree in this issue is the Unexplained Wealth Decree and not the Political Parties Decree. The disclosure of wealth for the latter decree is for all aspiring politician and their families , whilst for the first decree ; it can affect everybody , including you. Simply puT , THE UW DECREE STATES THAT IF GOVT THINKS THAT YOU HAVE ASSETS MORE THAN WHAT YOU EARN , THEY CAN SEIZE ALL YOUR PROPERTY UNTIL SUCH TIME YOU CLARIFY AS TO HOW AND WHEN YOU GOT THEM. IF you cant justify the gains(it cud be a gift even) , well…the’ll just keep it and probably send u to jail..if of course they dont like you. As for Aslam and Shamima and Nur and so many more..bet your bottom dollar they will never be investigated.

  4. Shamima Says:

    Lucky me then. I will join aunt y Nur to be safe. You and Chaudhary’s count your days.

  5. Supremo Says:

    oh , i thought you were already in their camp! better late than never eh? but remember this fool…what goes around comes around.

  6. Shamima Says:

    yes, what goes around comes around…just like Chaudhary’s and Qarase’s.
    Thankx for sharing your own experience.

  7. losalini Says:

    the bainimarama clan should declare their wealth first. how did they get rich so fast?

  8. Meow Says:

    Lo, taura mai na address, we will deliver the detailed information on wealth to your door-step lewa

  9. Anon Says:

    it does not apply to stolen wealth…so baini clan is safe.

  10. Shamima Says:

    Anon, have you reported the matter to police? So sorry to know that Bainimarama stole your wealth/or broke into your bank account/or …..so sorry to hear that.

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