Sa yala eke

A blogger going by the name Roko Udolunaiwau posted this on Coup 4.5.

Frank thinks Fiji should be secular state

I said; “that’s ok”

Franks feels lease rent be shared equally

I said; “yeah, in a way its ok”

Frank Wants “one- man-one-vote”

I said; “If it’s okay by you its fine by me”

Frank is not sure whether to entrench native land protection

I said; “it’s gonna cost you”

2 Responses to “Sa yala eke”

  1. Anon Says:

    lots of talkin’ and no movement by these bloggers.
    dakuwaqa, where are you with your action plan promised many years ago?
    work in progress…more grog to think about it eh?

  2. Sunset Says:

    he wont be allowed to entrench because it will defeat all the efforts of the sunshine clause policy. In any case, this boci does not understand what entrench means…all hes heard of is trenches which he has never been in one for sure. so the reality is
    u kaivitis are done.

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