Lease money piling up in Frank’s coffers

The Native land rent money Bainimarama took from chiefs to give to all members of the mataqali is now piling up in regime coffers at the rate of $5 million a month. Before the mataqali gets a sniff of this money they’ll have to have new accounts established by the TLTB and that means “individual bank accounts for each member of the land owning unit” . But it doesn’t end there. Qetaki has said: “Every month we need to know how many are living in that mataqali – how many living members. So, we’ll have to have a certificate from the Vola ni Kawa Bula to say – mataqali so and so, at the end of this month has 300 living members. Next month, they might say, 295 living members, five have died.” Native land is not safe but neither is the rent money paid for leasing Native land.

Radio Fiji 9 June 2013 TLTB accumulates undistributed lease money

7 Responses to “Lease money piling up in Frank’s coffers”

  1. Ateca V Says:

    Wot %$%#^’n moron’s.

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    Jeez Qetaki! This is positively patronizing towards the people who you’re supposed to serving isn’t it?

    Herewith lies the problem when regime cronies are more concerned about what the Baiyums think rather than what is in the best interest of those who he represents. FNPFs Aisake Taito’s approach is quite similar.

    We can now proudly announce that Qetaki is another one who is noose-worthy. His noose will be pink in hue given his reknowned aptitude at fence-sitting, covering his arse and managing upwards.

  3. Anon Says:

    so true KTF…talk about state control of the indigenous people…sadly this is done by the indigenous themselves…do these guys ever stop and think about what they are doing??? I guess when you hold elitist type attitudes you are always right.
    I thought they said that Fiji was ruled by elitists before frank and co?? Lies and more lies…so dakuwaqa when u going to put your action plan in place??

  4. Dakuvula Says:

    Dakuwaqa in now Da Quwawa

  5. Anon Says:

    so is KTF…

  6. STFU Says:

    KTF why don’t u go and shove it up Qetakis ass instead of hiding behind ur keyboard and farting from afar pretending to be an intellectual being…regime cronies survive and thrive cos slackers like u only bla bla bla like a whole lot of black sheep…no racial slur intended.

  7. Keep The Faith Says:

    STFU I shall leave the honour of Qetaki’s rear to you.

    Don’t you worry son, it is a shared goal that Qetaki and all of you upholding illegality & treason will be rocking orange in the not too distant future. You can count on that bud.

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