Why is Akuila Yabaki silent?

Torture Watch blog site has reported the intimidation of Rodney Yee, a staff member of the Citizens Constitutional Forum (CCF). He was picked up by the army and taken to QEB in Nabua for the usual threats. It’s surprising that Akuila Yabaki, the head of CCF, has not made a public statement revealing this and calling for an investigation by the police. This would protect Rodney Yee from further intimidation because it would put the threats on the public record. Does Akuila Yabaki think this will get him lenient treatment for his contempt of court charges? That would be a big mistake. That’s not the way Khaiyum works. Only by upping the ante and going public can he make it hard for the regime to carry through with its threats.


One Response to “Why is Akuila Yabaki silent?”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    This is what happens when you breed snakes CCF. They turn around and bite you!

    Despite Yabaki’s own political persecution on the article on the ‘rule of law’ that CCF’s publication merely reproduced, he charges off to London to tell an audience there that Bainimarama’s second coup was about race when it is common knowedge now in Fiji with what we now know from the leaked RFMF BoI into the 2000 coup, that it was merely unfinished business for Frank because he wanted the top dog spot — and had obviously nursed secret ambitions to get there after it after putting Qarase up on that pedestal.

    You have our sympathies CCF folks that your rights have been violated but hopefully now you can truly empathise with what others have had to suffer or die for under the hand of Bainimarama’s illegal and treasonous regime.

    As for the regime and all their cronies, all roads now lead to the gallows. The only difference for each & every perpetrator will be the thickness of the rope

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