Vaniqi’s tells us he’s learning

Lt Col Manasa Vaniqi MC (Military Cross Sugar Affairs campaign) tells us he’s learned a lot from shared experience at the ISO talkfest. So what did he learn? That most other countries manage to get a yield of more than 60 tonnes a hectare, while he’s taken our average cane yield from 50 tonnes a hectare before the coup to 45, not to forget completely stuffing the mills so they waste valuable cane like its the military budget? The idea that this blockhead can learn anything is a joke.

Fiji Village: 06/06/2013 Local sugar industry can be boosted by shared experience

3 Responses to “Vaniqi’s tells us he’s learning”

  1. anon Says:

    why, why, why can’t Bainimarama climb down from his high horse and crawl to Australian Govt to gethelp – Hussies started our sugar industry and everyone knows even when CSR left FSC still had the good peformance of CSR – we need scientists to help we don’t want army people

  2. Anon Says:

    because bainimarama cannot meet the conditions and he cannot be honest.
    he doesn’t want democracy and cannot let go of his dicktatorship.

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    Learning? Fool you are not getting 74K or thereabouts to be LEARNING about sugar.

    You’re supposed to be DOING. And you’re failing abysmally at even that!

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