Vaniqi’s problem is that he’s stupid

According to the Lt Col in charge of the Sugar Industry Battalion, lease non-renewal is not a problem. Does he really think we’re that stupid? Fiji Bureau of Statistics show that the area of land growing sugar cane dropped from 58,000 hectares in 2006 to 46,000 hectares in 2011. This doesn’t sound like an increase in renewals. Or is that farmers with leases have stopped growing cane? Has Vaniqi forgotten that he’s been telling farmers they should move into growing other crops, without saying whether they should use land that was formerly growing cane? How did this blockhead ever become a Lt Col? Did he graduate from the Neumi Leweni Academy for Over-promoted Buffoons?

Radio Fiji 5 June 2013 Land leases no longer a problem : Vaniqi

One Response to “Vaniqi’s problem is that he’s stupid”

  1. Army Magic Says:

    just like the rugby…anything that the army touches ends up being stuffed up…juniors got walloped by the kiwis by 50 points; no discipline; ended up scoring more red cards and yellow cards than penalties and tries…and the seniors got done by the Canadians; again no discipline – more red cards and yellows than tries…
    life is sweet in Fiji under army military rule yeah…only thing left is army to run the airline; then we will skyrocket to earth.

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