Successful fraud?

The acquittal of a former stores officer for the Fiji Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Supplies raises serious questions. He was charged on the basis that he’d received 675,000 amoxicillin capsules valued at $30,973.27 between February 5, 2008 and September 22, 2008. But the facts are that this number of tablets couldn’t fit into the number of cartons received. So has someone paid for more tablets than were actually received? Is this why hospitals and clinics are always short of basic drugs they’re supposed to have? Has a fraud been covered up? It’s typical of the Bainikhaiyum regime that people at the top get away with serious crime while others are subject to persecution on the basis of rumours and false reports.

Fiji Sun June 5, 2013 Former stores officer acquitted

3 Responses to “Successful fraud?”

  1. Anon Says:

    no the balance was taken away by the guy in charge at the time and sold privately to his mates at the golf club. just check it out.

  2. Bumboy Says:

    Under the cloak of secrecy and protection for perpetrators who support the regime Fiji now experiences an unprecedented level of corruption. Not a single large contract has been openly tendered during the last six years, contractors just see Khaiyum or his aunty and pay a facilitation fee and off they go.

  3. No Fair Deal Says:

    even public works cant compete because the private sector pays the fee and the job goes out despite the fact that in many cases public works can do a better job and at a better price.

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