Land lies exposed

Isireli Koyamaibole has been called a liar for claiming that the Khaiyum draft constitution removes all past protection for iTaukei land but Koyamaibole has set out his reasons in very clear detail while Bainimarama and Khaiyum have done nothing but call Koyamaibole a liar. They have made no attempt to address the points he’s raised. Our muzzled media will never be allowed to print the Koyamaibole article but it’s freely available on the freedom blog sites. Click on the link below to see Coup 4.5’s printing of the whole article.

Coup 4.5 June 5, 2013
Koyamaibole: Fiji’s Land Liar

3 Responses to “Land lies exposed”

  1. Bainibutako Says:

    Isireli you the man.
    If you can read and understand English you will know that kaiyum and the muslim brotherhood and sisterhood constitution removed land rights protection and all things indigenous.
    the reason…you will not find a single reference to iTaukei or even the word indigenous” in the socalled constitution to stop all coups.???
    How can you protect something that does not exist in the constitution???
    there must be lots of dumb and gullible diks out there in the beautiful isles of Viti.

  2. vicai Says:

    I’m sure they’ll be working on ways to spring and trap Isireli. Dont give up IK! the world is watching, make sure there is someone ready to report on any moves on their part to harm or intimidate you. We’ve seen once too often this kind of vukivuki sonalevu veivakarerei from FB’s henchmen. Se bera tiko mada ga ni ra experience combat, sa ra mai vei veivakarerei tiko. Laurai ga ekea na lamusona kei na veiboicici ra cakava tiko mai nakeba at our taxmoney expense.

    I’m talking in particular about the few cowardly FB hench men only here and not the majority of the army who i think are fed up too but have their livelihoods to look after.

  3. Anon Says:

    vicai, why don’t you focus on working out ways to spring and trap the pigs…you scared of the minority it seems, just like the other kaivitis. its your own kais for gods sake. why cant you all go and tell them face to face…we farken sick of your bullshit!!!

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