Regime threatens the heavy hand on land

Tikoduadua tried visiting the villages where pamphlets are circulating about the loss of protection for iTaukei land in the Khaiyum constitution but his empty words have clearly failed. Now he’s resorted to making threats. He’s saying the pamphlets may be against law because they’re “inciteful”. These threats will not work because the pamphlets are doing no more than telling the truth. The draft constitution makes no mention of iTaukei land.

Fiji Village: 05/06/2013 Pamphlets delivered in some villages may have some inciteful implications-Tikoduadua

14 Responses to “Regime threatens the heavy hand on land”

  1. Samu Says:

    Must Read
    Komaibole’s article on the illegal Govt’s outrageous lies about security of Fijian land in the proposed 2013 Constitution.

    Komaibole analyses the illegal Governments proposed 2013 Constitution, Ghai’s shredded constitution and the 1991 Constitution as they relate to the protection of Fijian land…refer to site:

    Komaibole clearly demonstrates that their is no protection under the illegal Govt’s proposed 2913 constitution. It clearly and very forthrightly demonstrates that EyeArse’s constitution removes the rights from Fijians of their traditional land, transfer all powers on such lands to Govt and knee caps the NLTB regarding administration and protection of Fijian traditional lands.

    Please read Komaibole’s excellent article on the above in above link. It debunks the illegal Govt’s childish lies…which are now used as basis for Tikoduadua’s idiotic treats.

    The ideal response from Govt is to reply to Komaibole’s exposures with explanations, discussions pointing out where in the proposed Constitution Komaibole is wrong…..NOT THRESTS…LIKE A BULLY.

  2. False prophet. Says:

    Pios got some gullible Rotumans fooled too.
    Just read the damn constitution and you will find out the truth…
    like all Christians have been taught (and some forgotten)..the truth is in the Book!!! look with your heart and you will find.

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    Brilliant! As soon as Pio turns his back to return to the big smoke, he’ll be sent scurrying back up there quick smart like the good little obedient puppy that he is, to try and undo Koyamaibole’s latest piece on native land.

    For all of Bainimarama’s, Tikoduadua’s, Naliva’s, Rokoura’s, Qiliho’s, Naupoto’s. Seruiratu’s (plus all the other military losers) big mouths, if their own mataqali land is not already ‘deposited’ in the Land Bank as a sign of their personal committment to this policy direction, they have no right to be calling on other landowners to expose themselves to such a huge risk before they do.

  4. charlie Says:

    The birth of the NATIVE LAND TRUST BOARD (NLTB) was not intended for the protection of Fijian Land as everyone seems to think.
    It originated back in the WILKINSON days where the British Government was incharge of all the running of the daily function of Fiji. The government then foresaw the future of themselves in the arrival of settlers to Fiji therefore the land was seen to be a good source of income for the Fiji government. It was and still is a government trust and had/has nothing to do with the protection of Fijian lands as we’re all made to believe.
    The NLTB did not mean THE LAND OWNERS TRUST BOARD as it should have been for the purpose of protecting the Fijian Landowners and their land.
    All Fijian Landowners back then were dumb to realise that the government was pulling wool over their eyes by saying we will protect your land. The current government is doing exactly that and worse Little did the landowners realise that the NLTB are saying to them, yep, you still own the land and we will run her affairs for us to benefit us but you and your people.
    Dealings with land all over the world is left in the hands of the owners with the assistance of the their government. Not in Fiji. The Fiji government dictates the rates that a piece of land is worth, it keeps the majority of the rental or lease and then sprinkle the crumbs to the land owners. This is evident in the current land situation in Fiji.
    Every landowners should look after the affairs of their land, collect the revenues from her and then pay the tax on the revenue gathered. The current governments Bill of Rights is not worth the paper its written on if things are not spelt out in clear English for all to understand and that includes the rights of every Fijian land owners.
    Fijians are now educated and are more then capable to deal with their own affairs.

    • Bainibutako Says:

      Charlie brother…don’t expose your ignorance…go start reading from the deed of cession and follow the history through…
      you posted in coup4.5 under another name…and got ridiculed there.

      any way this is not the point of the debate…it is about protecting whats already in place until the kaivitis give their full and informed consent as to what they want.
      you maybe well intentioned but as misguided as these so called educated young airyasses who profess to know whats best for the kaivitis and fiji.
      colonisation was done away with in 1970 bro.

    • Learn the Facts Says:

      Charlie, before you open your mouth with your cynical views and bullshit which do not gel with the historical records (except those in Kaiyums library, news paper and television station) go and learn about Fijian land ownership, customs and traditions…I can tell you that it is not the same as freehold land ownership…once you know and appreciate that then you might start to understand the NLTB etc etc. and no protection in the muslim constitution for Fijians

      • charlie Says:

        Quiet the opposite, I am sorry, open your mind and re read my article, I have never mentioned that I supported the current government. and their constitution. The old constitution and the illegal governments one still does nothing for the Landowners.

        For your information Freehold land were also obtained illegally. This I know fully well. Some of the current landowners land were converted to freehold land through the previous constitution, and I am thinking that you have some of those land.
        You missed my point clever dick, I did not mention freehold land in my previous article because its all corrupt

  5. peanuts Says:

    @ charlie

    Should Fijians then do away with NLTB, and decide on their own what to do with their land or form their own trusts to manage the leasing of their native land, BUT ensure that the overriding protection regarding the INALIENABILITY of native land is well entrenched in the Constitution?

    • charlie Says:

      @ Charlie

      Something needs to be done to safeguard the Land and their owners. I believe that there are scholars in Fiji whom are well cognizant of the ties the land and their respective Fijians owners have. A good start is to do away with the name NLTB and give it a purposeful name that suits and effective in respect of the protection of Lands for the land owners, Educate the land owners by way of teaching them the importance of holding on to their lands and how the land can benefit everyone in their Clans and sub clans in the long term.

      Legislate to protect and preserve and utilise the land in an order that helps the land owners getting the maximum benefit from their respective lands and in the same token fair to the Tenants.

      This will help educate the landowners more in ways of being responsible and being accountable for their own decisions .

      Charlie, I feel that the name needs to be changed, a new legislation put in place and lots and lots of education for the landowners. This will help bring Fiji in a better frame of mind and also safeguards investors who wishes to invest in Lands in Fiji… Your thoughts Please

    • charlie Says:

      Quiet the opposite, I am sorry, open your mind and re read my article, I have never mentioned that I supported the current government. and their constitution. The old constitution and the illegal governments one still does nothing for the Landowners.

  6. Charlie the boci Says:

    charlie chaplin

  7. Patroniser Says:

    Charlie chaplin brother, you sound like a patronising young Hairyass Kaiyum and soiled ass Franky

  8. No Choro Says:

    Charlie Chaplin brother go read the archives…no land butako in the past. only qarase and airyass and bainibutako done it and doing it now.
    And also read the 1997 constitution… it does give protection to Fijian land rites. only crooks did not follow the constitution and QB Bale and his lawyers gave wrong advice. you are correct there. but it was not the constitution that was the problem. the politicians and their legal advisers.
    just like the current mob. except they are worse. they say Fijian land is protected when you cannot even find a mention of iTaukei – that’s their terminology – in the document. Doesn’t matter how you interpret words, you cannot protect something that does not even get a mention in the document. no mention means no recognition. so nothing to protect.

    • charlie Says:

      @ NO CHORO

      there were Land butako in the previous constitution. You tell me then……How come there were land belonging to existing landowners are now under the crown land schedule????? You go figure……

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