Dumb and dumber


The question cane farmers are asking themselves is: why is our sugar industry in the hands of these two blockheads?

8 Responses to “Dumb and dumber”

  1. Who That Says:

    Who is the person in Red?

  2. manasavaniqi Says:

    FDN how dare you say blockheads? These are two most brilliant minds, Fiji has ever had and will ever will have, to resuscitate the Sugar industry. And mind you, there are few more hundreds if not thousands of like calibre being pampered and groomed up in the delai Nabua hills. Can’t you read the body language and the intellectual brilliance they exude in their postures alone. FB is saying “listen here boy, chrissake act like you at least know something, anything or everything”. Other bloke, “sorry, i don’t even know what i’m supposed to know about anything sir, other than what you tell me”.

    Fiji’s economy is in very good hands!!!

    bwahahahaha!! sa rairai sara ga vaka blockheads!!

  3. We all Fijians. Says:

    see everybody is Fijian now.
    so even the used to be Fijian can call themselves used to be Indian and run the sugar cane farms even though both blockheads don’t even know which end of the cane to plant other than up their rear ends!!!
    kaila mada.

  4. Ateca.V Says:

    I must say that Conference was completely underwhelming.

    In fact I thought I was at the wrong Conference such was the parade of fancy silk printed Bula shirts, I though saraga I was at a revival of the Tiki Togs label.

  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    You have our deepest sympathies @ Ateca V.

    Good Lord the agony of seeing intellectually challenged regime individuals and all their rent-a-crowd front row bougie fans, flexing and strutting in the bula shirts as if it makes up for what is sorely lacking must have been positively excruciating.

  6. Soko MATAI Says:

    To “Who That”
    Who is the person in Red?
    …….He is Vaniqi, the clueless head of the Ministry of Sugar and the useless soldier who is assisting and abetting the death and ruin of the sugar Industry.

    He looks like a shoeshine boy

  7. Shoe shiner Says:

    please don’t degrade us shoeshine boys…we earn a fair quid and don’t steal from and ruin a nation.

  8. Russian Rules Says:

    its called Russian roulette
    you put the money in airyass pocket and he turns you around then he shoves it up ur ass…luckily its not very long.

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