Bainimarama plays the blame game on sugar

Standing on front of representatives of the world sugar industry, our illegal and incompetent minister for sugar tried to sell them the story that past politicians were to blame for the decline of our Sugar industry. However, the facts are clear. In 1975 44,000 ha of land produced 276,000 tonnes of sugar. In 2011, 46,000 ha of land produced 167,000 tonnes of sugar. In 2006, 58,000 ha of land produced 310,000 tonnes of sugar. These facts speak for themselves. He has wrecked our sugar industry. It doesn’t matter what he can get representatives from other sugar producing countries to believe. Our sugar farmers know who wrecked their sugar industry.

Fiji Times June 05, 2013 PM assures farmers

2 Responses to “Bainimarama plays the blame game on sugar”

  1. Dynamite Frank. Says:

    Not to worry, my boys will blow it all back together again.
    We are trained to blow things up.
    Me and me boys are very good at it…we’ve been blowing up all kinds of stuff and rebuilding bridges and toilet blocks all over the country…. we blow up and put together again democracy, judiciary, constitutions, prostitutions, institutions, corruptions, nepotisms, contracts for army bosses, politicians and now sugar cane fields and Indians … since 1987.
    And I have improved our skills since Rabuka cos I roped up many Indians to make it look like I’m no racist…first time in Fiji no race, no culture, no Methodist and Christians.
    We blown all these mfs up and put it all together again thats why we in fiji are all cultureless, raceless, religionsless, chiefless and very soon from 2014 all landless cos I will own and control all the lands in Fiji and Rotuma and Banaban countries…
    then I’ll convince my onetalks in the Spear Gun Group to let me do the same for them and give me lunatic asylum when its all done in Fiji.

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