Don’t lose your records – Khaiyum is eyeing your money

We know Khaiyum has his eyes on iTaukei land but he also has his eyes on other people’s property. His Proceeds of the Crime Amendment Decree of 2012 gives him the power to take people’s property if they have “unexplained wealth” ie “the value of the person’s total wealth is greater than the value of the person’s lawfully acquired wealth”. And, as you’d expect with Khaiyum, the law says the property owner has to prove that all their money and property were legally earned. And who do they have to convince? Naturally, it’s the courts appointed by Khaiyum and subject to sacking by him if they step out of line. He has total power over everybody’s wealth. Previously police needed to investigate to find out how people got the money. But not any more. You have to prove everything so make sure you don’t lose your records.

Fiji Village 04/06/2013 Tax evaders owe more than $30M to the government

6 Responses to “Don’t lose your records – Khaiyum is eyeing your money”

  1. anon Says:

    Is this just to get Chaudhry’s money?

  2. Rusila Says:

    Can they account for the sources of funds they (EyeArse, Bhaini and other illegal cohorts) used to pay for the million dollars properties they recently acquired??????

  3. The Hurdle Says:

    no just another excuse to deregister the political parties and shut up the opposition

  4. Navosavakadua Says:

    Proceeds of crime legislation in other places are based on seizing the property of people AFTER they’ve been convicted of serious crimes like drug trafficking.

    This is what the original legislation introduced by the Rabuka Government in 1997 allowed for.

    But this is not the Sayed-Khaiyum law. It provides that every citizen has to account for their wealth.

    “Any person who –

    (a) maintains a standard of living above that which is commensurate with his or her present or past lawful emoluments; or

    (b) is in control of pecuniary resources or property disproportionate to his or her present or past lawful emoluments,

    shall, unless he or she provides a satisfactory explanation to the court as to how he or she was able to maintain such a standard of living or how such pecuniary resources or property came under his or her control, be required to pay to the Forfeited Assets Fund the amount specified in the unexplained wealth declaration under section 71 K.”

    In other words, you don’t have to have done anything wrong. You just have to attract the greedy eye of ASK. This is not seizing the ill-gotten gains of criminals. This is a charter to seize anyone’s property unless they can prove how they manage to live as well as they do.

  5. Guilty unless proven innocent Says:

    reversal of onus of proof and annihilation of innocent until proven guilty…all fundamentals of law have been reversed in Fiji under kaiyum….shades of sharia law???

  6. Keep The Faith Says:

    Wake up Tikolevu. There’s big money floating around in Fiji’s shadow economy that your financial institution reports cannot track regardless of car registration, bank account and FNPF data sharing — and you damned well know this.

    But you won’t worry about that ‘sector’ will you as they’re already paying ‘tax’ directly to Bainimarama and Khaiyum aren’t they?

    Quit mucking us about with the spin and tell us something real like how your revenue projections are stacking up in real time ROFLMAO!

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