An international joke

Not a Dictatorship

Ouch!!! Bainimarama’s reaction to the British media sting, with journalists posing as a corrupt group called Friends of Fiji trying to bribe an MP, shows that he was stung as badly as the MP. He understands that the incident proves that under his rule we have become an international joke. He’s the Idi Amin of our times – a tin-pot dictator who’s taking his country backwards fast. A Daily Telegraph report ran through all of the sad facts – including the following – “Four people have died in military or police custody and dozens of people have been intimidated, beaten, sexually assaulted, or subjected to degrading treatment”. And then there’s the damage to the economy, the corruption of the courts etc etc. No wonder Bainimarama’s hopping mad.

Fiji Sun June 3, 2013 Govt slams patronising British media and government over comments

Daily Telegraph 31 May 2013
Cash for questions: the brutality behind Fiji’s idyllic image

2 Responses to “An international joke”

  1. Namela Rokosou Says:

    Stinky, lowdown name of Fiji, spawned by the ruling illegal Govt continues to swirl in British and international Politics and media:

    80 lobbyists are banned from visiting Parliament in dramatic move to end latest sleaze scandal

    Lord Laird was also targeted, with Mr Mercer, in a separate sting by journalists posing as lobbyists for the Fijian government. Mr Mercer, who referred himself to the Commons Standards Commissioner, is alleged to have been paid £4,000 by the bogus lobbying firm and tabled parliamentary questions and a motion, offered a security pass and set up an all-party parliamentary group on Fiji.

    Read more:
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  2. Samu Says:

    Human Rights Watch establishes office in Aust to keep closer watch on Fiji and Region.

    Human Rights Watch heads Down Under

    10:32 Wed Jun 5 2013

    Human Rights Watch says opening an office in Australia will ensure Canberra becomes “the ally it should be” in the world-wide fight against human rights abuses.
    Mr Roth said the Sydney office would work to shame neighbouring governments into improving their human rights record by raising issues in the Australian media.
    The group’s executive director praised Canberra as a firm believer in international justice.
    Now that Australia had a temporary seat on the UN Security Council, it could become a “real ally” against world leaders opposing international justice because they were worried about being indicted themselves, Mr Roth said.
    Supporters including prominent Australian human rights barrister Geoffrey Robertson attended Tuesday night’s London launch of the Australian office.
    Human Rights Watch has wanted to set up Down Under for a number of years, but couldn’t achieve charitable status under Australian law.
    “We are confident that, by the end of this month, we will legally have everything we need to get started,” he said

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