The pig squeals on land

The head of Bainimarama’s office, Lieutenant-Colonel Tikoduadua has personally gone to villages in Tailevu North and Wainibuka to ‘clarify’ what he says are “wrong interpretations about land ownership”. However, Tikoduadua did not say how the Khaiyum constitution protects iTaukei land. If it is protected, Tikoduadua should explain the details of the protection he’s claiming.

Fiji Sun June 2, 2013 Call for fair campaigning

8 Responses to “The pig squeals on land”

  1. Dredd Says:

    pio’s words are as crooked as its source, his mouth. If pio could just simply indicate where in the constitution is there any reference to i-taukei land and its security then can he accuse others of wrong interpretations and unfair campaigning.

  2. More Lies Everywhere Says:

    he tried to bluff the Rotumans too on the land..unfortunately some idiots believe the regime bullshit and fall for his token development handouts which have not realised the raised expectations…bullshit everywhere from these thugs

  3. Meow Says:

    When you assume, you make ass of yourself and only yourself – That’s for people who are assuming against the Bainimarama Government.

  4. Anon Says:

    “assuming against the bainimaram government”???
    what u arseing about pussy cat…speak English man

  5. Meow Says:

    you will only understand Qarase and Chaudhary language…I do not wish to waste my time speaking in English for idiots.

  6. Rusila Says:

    OK Meow>>>>>SPEAK CAT TALK THEN…. you putty kat

  7. gusuveve Says:

    Pio if that disfigured mouth is not enough, waraka na mataka qai yadra mai kina sa tu nomu soresore e gusumu, sosovilago tu na nomu muaimuri ni ra qasiva tu na ulo. caitibumu.

  8. Anon Says:

    meow the pussy cat is typical of the regime bainiamrama style…if confronted with the truth, just brush it aside…not ability to debate, only force line like the army.

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