Is there no end to Vaniqi’s stupidity?

According to Lt Col Manasa Vaniqi, CO Sugar Industry Battalion, “Fiji has been recognised as one of the reliable members of the sugar producing countries in the world”. Oh really? Why would this be? Is it because our sugar production has been ‘reliably’ cut in half while also bouncing around like a backseat passenger in a carrier on one of our pot-holed roads. In the past four years it’s bounced up and down between 110 and 150 thousand tonnes. This is what Vaniqi calls ‘reliable”.

Radio Fiji 30 May 2013 Fiji recognised in world sugar market

3 Responses to “Is there no end to Vaniqi’s stupidity?”

  1. Rusila Tauyaro Says:

    This Vaniqi is clueless regarding sugar production and marketing…of course we cannot expect much from a soldier uneducated in a complex field but appointed to promote the illegal Govt’s control on the industry.

    A few years back he was publicising diversification of crops on sugar farms meaning farmers were planting other crops for security of income stream and food self sufficiency.

    Wonder how far he has gone down that road…believe its a complete failure.

    Cane production has plummeted downwards…but farmers’ pay recently bolted up with subsidy that will only punish the citizens as the money was borrowed for topping up bribe to cane farmers.

    So there is no end to Vaniqi’s unlimited and enormous stupidity

  2. joe black Says:

    what the EU and jacobs must confirm is hard money been transferred to fiji through whatever channel to benefit the sugar industry or is this more bullshit like his talk- eu coiuld have…
    and allocated… what does this crap mean??

    stop the bullshit white man speak to the blackie countries and be clear cut and transparent you fcking EU people

  3. Meow Says:

    Yes Rajen Year of Change Chodri, kutta ke pilla, kamina, chor, rapist – we have understood what you and your dad want to say regarding sugar industry. Do farmers give a shit what you bastards want to say?
    Answer is NO. and this will be the answer for FLP in election. NO, we do not want you anymore since we have decided to change our party.
    Now go and brush your teeth since you have been on blog whole day and night.

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