Regime spooked by ‘letters and communiques’

Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office Lt Colonel Pio Tikoduadua has confirmed that villages in Tailevu North and Wainibuka have received ‘letters and communiques’ about the lack of protection in the Khaiyum draft constitution for iTaukei land. Tikoduadua claims that this is misinformation but he has failed to give us the facts. How can iTaukei land be protected if its not even mentioned in the draft constitution?

Radio Fiji 30 May 2013 Tailevu North and Wainibuka peoples misled: Tikoduadua

4 Responses to “Regime spooked by ‘letters and communiques’”

  1. Gusu Vaka Ceke Says:

    Tikoduadua – mata veve vaka sona ,,,,,,,,,,tamata lasulasu ulukau

  2. Tama Says:

    The “letters and communiques” received by north Tailevu people are actually very accurate.

    The proposed constitution actually gives the Govt overriding power on Taukei land full stop. Land given to Land Bank…lesed out 90 yrs is worse off…owners have no say who will lease them, purposes land will be used for and what lease to be charged….no way this is protecting land.

    The only winners are those who want to use the land AND NOT THE OWNERS…

    Tikoduadua if you say that the proposed constitution protects Fijian land then tell us where in the proposed constitution and what does it say..

    Eye-Arse has been saying that land protection on Fijian land is covered under Individual Rights guarantee..or some weired rights….Taukei land is owned communally and not individually…….is illegal AG poofed???….what he is saying is illogical and we are not stupid to believe such rubbish…is he on drugs or something. Tkoduadua…do you believe such statements??? You must be an idiot…we are not stupid.

  3. The Land Grab Decree Says:

    Also, don’t forget that the landowner, whether of native or freehold lands, cannot take a case to the court if he disagrees with the conditions set by franky who has absolute discretion, even if franky claims that it is for the benefit of the country when it is not in fact the case.
    and worse, despite frankys supporters saying that franky cannot force anyone to give land to the land bank, there is room for land grab under the decree for “the benefit of the country”…because again, the landowner cannot take his complaint to court.

    ..definitely no protection here.

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    Fraidy cats (of paper) much? QORVIS too fragile to be doing what its being paid the bucks to do?

    The illegal and treasonous regime needn’t fear the pieces of paper floating around out there. What they really need to be nervous about are the ideas already formed in the minds of the voting population that will send them scuttling despite the lame propaganda attempts of Nestle.. errr I mean CJ Patel.

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