No race free scholarships

It’s been obvious for sometime that race-based Itaukei scholarships will be continuing but the regime has been slow to admit it because it completely contradicts their claims to building race-free Fiji. We have a race-based army which runs everything, so why should we believe there will be a genuine race free government? The way this regime works the scholarships are not only racially reserved, they are more than likely biaised in favour of the sons and daughters of RFMF members.

Fiji Village 29/05/2013 Itaukei scholarships to continue

2 Responses to “No race free scholarships”

  1. Tama Says:

    The illegal regime does not want to stir up honest nest with indigenous people by withdrawing Fijian Scholarship scheme at this hr before elections.

    Taking away this scholarships will quicken the current erosion of VB’s support with Taukeis.

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    The benchmark grades for these scholarships have been escalating to the point of unreasonable which in effect undermines these scholarships anyway, and yes it has been whispered that regime stooges at the “PMs office” often try to influence these scholarships for their people.

    There is nothing there for Pio to be crowing about and the media needs to be doing its damn job by showing explicit facts and figures that will tell voters the real story against empty words.

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