Bainimarama’s embarassing grovel in Beijing

Bainimarama’s performance in Beijing has been nothing short of grovelling. It’s embarrassing to see him praising the Chinese as ‘understanding’ him and giving him help for all his wonderful ‘reforms’. We all know that he’s hocked the country to the hilt with the Chinese. He’s like a rural villager in the pawnbroker’s shop lavishing praise on the pawnbroker in the hope of pawning more of the family’s property to pocket a few more dollars to waste on himself.

Radio Fiji 29 May 2013
Bainimarama pay tribute to China’s assistance

One Response to “Bainimarama’s embarassing grovel in Beijing”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Given that the regime has committed FSC to paying $80/tonne with 60,000 tonnes still sitting in Fiji’s FSC Mill silos without a buyer, I’m guessing Frank has gone to try and sell it to them. Or to get another soft loan to divert to the FSC on some pretext or other

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