The background to the PRB flats disaster

A blogger on Coup 4.5 has made some comments which throw light on how a $9 million contract became a $20 million contract to build a sub-standard building.

“During the SDL Days, Chinese Aid was used to construct the Vodafone Dome and the Aquatic Centre. Because the Min of Works and the Project Engineers were on top of things, they never gave way to threats by the Chinese contractors to take short cuts. For example, they wanted to follow Chinese Electrical standards but our people stood their ground until the Chinese buckled and agreed to abide by Fiji standards. All previous governments would never had entered into such stupid arrangements. This is the result of sacking all the qualified people and fast tracking junior and inexperienced people into senior posts. They don’t know what they’re doing so that when someone takes a short cut they don’t know the difference. LOL. Now a $9 million project will cost the taxpayers of Fiji and extra $11 million. Who’s head will roll? Frank’s, Khaiyums? No way … some poor minion is probably being eyed to be the fall guy. Welcome to Khaiyum’s Fiji.”

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