More egg on the face of FICAC

Khaiyum will be shitty

The acquittal of Peni Mau and Dhirendra Patel on charges of abuse of office and extortion show how badly corrupted the so-called anti-corruption body is. These charges were mounted to help support the other politically motivated charges against Mac Patel about the purchase of the Fiji Post clock. The Assessor’s found him innocent but the judge over-ruled the finding. Khaiyum is consumed by hatred for Patel and is determined to pursue him to the grave. He will not be happy with this outcome.

Fiji Times May 29, 2013 Free men

4 Responses to “More egg on the face of FICAC”

  1. Kavita Sharma Says:

    Those who used to accuse that Judiciary is controlled by AG, the said judgment is a hard slap on their faces.

    And those who used to say Judges from Shri Lanka are ‘yes men’ of AG, they should also kick themselves becoz the Judge who heard this matter was also a Shri Lankan.

  2. Anon Says:

    sorry kavita, but this does not prove that kaiyum does not control the judiciary…the judge MIGHT be independent NOW but the question is how long will he stay that way???

    one month termination notice coming up for the judge…

  3. Shaista Shameem Says:

    Looks like Anon you and Kavita both working for AG eh! ?!

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    This proves nothing Kavita. All it shows is that the judiciary is doing their job ie what taxpayers unwillingly pay them the big bucks for.

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