How to collect rent arrears regime style

We know rent arrears on both iTaukei land and Crown land have increased since the regime took over. We used to be able to read this on the NLTB website until the regime took the information down from the website. Under the Qarase Government the NLTB invested in a computer system to manage leases but this was scrapped for political reasons by Bainimarama. The result is arrears have grown bigger and bigger. And what is the answer of the regime to the problem of rent arrears? This is what the Department of Lands director, Mosese Tagicakibau, had to say: “Our reactive mode of work this year is enhancing as we work towards addressing government land issues accordingly.” What??? What does this string of big words mean? Absolutely nothing! The regime’s answer to the problem of rent arrears is meaningless gibberish.

Fiji Times May 29, 2013
Unit to oversee land issues

3 Responses to “How to collect rent arrears regime style”

  1. aloosley2013 Says:

    Gibberish indeed. Try translating that into Fijian.

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  2. Anon Says:

    LOL…the statement was drafted by a USP professor….

  3. The Bainimarama Code Says:

    This is the coded message in this gobbleguk:

    “reactive mode” means lets think about it.
    “work” means lets think some more.
    “enhancing” means lets drink more kava so our thinking is not clouded and our “work” is more effective.
    “work towards addressing government land issues” means think of better ways of stealing land from the natives and locking their lands up for 7 generations.

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