Moving forward


Gazing into the future

Just what do our dictator and his puppet-master see as they contemplate the nation’s future. A further cut in pensions after Fiji Airways gets into trouble paying for its brand new planes? Life without a sugar industry? Statues of each of them standing beside Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna?

6 Responses to “Moving forward”

  1. Anon Says:

    You got it all wrong.

    Khaiyum has just explained how the financing deal for FA Airbuses works and Air Pacific’s “‘risk mitigation strategy”.

    Frank has murmered “So – it’s like that eh” and each is waiting for the other to say something.

  2. Shaista Chaudhary Says:

    Or maybe they are deciding how soon M P Chaudhary should be locked up at Naboro.

  3. Kavita Sharma Says:

    I heard toilets at the Naboro Prison is very dirty. Chaudhary chacha must go in to clean that up.

  4. ex Fiji tourist Says:

    Maybe the idiots are starring at the gallows at the prison and deciding who should go first when Fiji wakes from it sleep.

  5. Dredd Says:

    These are 2 greedy and selfish low lifes stashing money for themselves holding on to so many ministerial posts between them. At least give some people some posts so money can be more equitably spread.

  6. The Hot Air Commodore Says:

    they are discussing when they are going to start an airforce for Fiji so that they can train more soldiers to fly the new airbuses so it looks like the planes are in the air bringing more Australians to Fiji instead of the planes sitting on the runway unused.
    word has it that not only do they not have any local pilots that can fly these high tech white elephants to be, but they don’t have enough trained crew to serve the sandwiches on board.

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