The truth about sugar

Bainimarama thinks all cane farmers should regard him as a generous father handing out pocket money, but Bala Dass, the general secretary of the rival Cane Growers Association, has made clear farmers are not fooled. Costs have gone up and farmers made more money at $65 a tonne than they will at $80 post devaluation dollars. Worst of all, after the mills were wrecked by the botched refit, FSC is losing money and cannot afford to pay $80 a tonne. FSC is borrowing the money to pay farmers and some people think these payments will not last longer than a rigged election to keep Bainimarama and Khaiyum in power.

Radio Australia 24 May 2013 Fiji sugar future not as rosy as depicted

One Response to “The truth about sugar”

  1. The Sugarman Says:

    Here I am again. The sugar industry is doomed. Baini can fool people only some of the time. The reality is this: you cannot pay out record cane payments to farmers when production is less than half of what it used to be. World sugar prices did not double all of a sudden and our farmers getting the benefit. So the money had to be borrowed from somewhere. We will see the stupidity of this IG when this years crushing season ends and there will be no money to make the payout because the 2014 crop and make, as already confirmed by the dumb FSC CEO will be below 50% of the potential production. Baini is a fool to think he can fool farmers through this handout. They have been long in the game to know all its tricks, and believe me, the still have faith in Chaudhry.

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