Khaiyum’s rent distribution system a failure

Bainimarama took away the chief’s share of land rent and claimed he distributed all rent money equally to all members of the mataqali but it seems that this isn’t happening and Bainimarama is washing his hands of the problem. His puppet TLTB General Manager, Alipate Qetaki, has admitted that he’s received hundreds of complaints about unequal distribution of rent and all he can say is that this is ‘illegal’. He hasn’t got the staff to investigate the complaints – let alone face that he hasn’t got the staff to chase up unpaid or late rent. When cash was distributed directly in the village everyone could see what was happening and people in the village who need the money more had the best chance of making sure they had their share. The new system was the brain-child of Khaiyum and it was based on ignorance of all things iTaukei.

Radio Fiji 27 May 2013 Trustees responsible for unequal distribution

6 Responses to “Khaiyum’s rent distribution system a failure”

  1. joe black Says:

    as usual the fijians keep fcking each other over and blame the indians for there choro ways

    get real it is easy to id yourself and have bank accounts or be on the vkb unless you have 1000 fathers or maybe 1000 mothers-this is the 21st century

    stop being morons you stupid fijian bstrds and stop blaming the indians for your dumb ass crooked ways get your own bank accounts and get your rent money paid into it and pay your taxes

  2. Joe Black Permanent Refugee and Landless Pakala Says:

    joe black the indian is successful cos he bribes and doesnt pay any respect to landowners. he thinks he can get the native land 90% of fiji. he is a permanent refugee in Fiji moving around in a small egg ie only 10% of fiji ,,,so thats why he is so bitter and angry that the kai vitis are relaxing and not really worried like j black the refugee with no land
    Boci pakala jutia

  3. Navosavakadua Says:

    Qetaki said he wants every landowner to have an individual bank account into which the individual share of lease proceeds can be paid.

    He was no doubt reading from a script prepared by ASK. Does he really think every landowner will need a bank account? ASK has no idea of the realities of life for many Fijian villagers.

    All he can think of is trying to get FRCA to chase landowners for tax.

    @joe black

    it may be easy for most landowners to get a bank account but there are many for whom it is not easy. Equal distribution means that every member of the VKB gets a share, so EVERY member has to have a bank account. How big does a payment have to be to justify all the effort needed to open an account for that purpose only?

    Like the Illegal A-G you seem to assume everybody’s circumstances are like the few people you know.

    BTW I’m not blaming “indians” for anything. I’m blaming one man, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum. You, on the other hand, are talking about all Fijians, labelling them all stupid bastards etc. – which is ignorant, racist prejudice.

  4. Pani Wala Says:

    thought all are now fijian meaning joe black the sona loa is also cursing himself,,,what a moron

  5. joe black Says:

    okay Pani refer to IT’s, Navo good comment but why so hard for IT’s to get bank account- BSP has offered good rural and island services?

    gives all people better control of there own income streams and they can spend iot on children or church or give it away- it will be there own choice not someone elses

    IT’s should not hide behind fijian organisations to feel they are not in control of there own income as is happeniong with nltb- many of my friends have expressed this problem to me many times for large land holding in naqali and getting 50c a month- this is ridiculous- the uneven distribution allowed the chiefs to eat up most of the lease before the commeners get their cut

    do you really want this uneven system to carry on and allow the nltb staff to hand out cash in churchs and schools and pocket large sums for themselves?

  6. anonymous Says:

    Well, the other problem is that the NLTB had a perfectly good land rent management system in 2006, which the incoming regime scrapped.

    Sure the rent distribution system is a “dog’s breakfast” that doesn’t really depend on the MIS. But it wouldn’t have been hard to extend that system to track payments to, and receipts by, landowners. With all of Khaiyum’s new security requirements for starting up a bank account, its not surprising that the number of Fijian landowners without bank accounts would be roughly similar to the number of Indians who keep their money under their mattresses.

    Meanwhile, the current fiasco is just more evidence that the regime is simply overmatched and undermanned, to deal with the all the various problems that come along with running a nation like Fiji. Cheap talk about a “better”, race-free Fiji with “true democracy” is just that – cheap talk that doesn’t actually solve any real issues like these.

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