Another week, another jet-setting high-life trip


He’s no sooner back from his week of champagne and French cuisine, than he is ready to climb into the First Class cabin for a trip to China. We don’t know which of the First Family will draw the First Class travel ticket this week, because Frank tries to keep it secret, but we can be sure that there’ll be more than one of the fat snouts in the trough.

Radio New Zealand 26 May, 2013 Fiji PM to visit China today ahead of Russian visit next month

3 Responses to “Another week, another jet-setting high-life trip”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    When Baini came into power illegally, he was full of criticism of those in leadership for their overseas visits. As we all can see, he is over a hundred times worse; taking one or two overseas trips almost weekly. I think the reason he is doing this is he is scared and insecure of a potential coup against him. If that happens then the chances of him being away from Fiji will be 50 – 50. This way, he will escape the clutches of the law. This may also be a reason he goes with a family member so at least two of them are safe.

  2. losalini Says:

    These frequent overseas trips by the illegal idiot pm is only a smokescreen. there is something more devious going on which only he and his family know about. corruption at a grand scale.

  3. Dredd Says:

    The reports says bai will meet Chinese primier Li. However in Al-jazeera it says primier Li is presently in Germany on official visit there. So who really is bai going to meet. Any official photos to show?

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