Our sugar industry is in the past

Former Fiji resident and sugar researcher, Dr Krishnamurthi, has some advice for the Bainikhaiyum regime on how to manage sugar. If they want to improve the industry, they need to look to the past for ideas. We had an industry that worked and Bainimarama thought he knew better. All of the arrangements for involving farmers in decision-making were abolished and confidence between farmers and FSC has broken down. For some reason he appointed a block-headed army colonel to run the industry and ignored expert advice. Dr Krishnamurthi was engaged by the regime to advise on how the industry could be revived and then his advise was buried.

Fiji Times May 24, 2013 Look to the past, says sugar expert

One Response to “Our sugar industry is in the past”

  1. joe black Says:

    this guy is so old he should be shot. he was the one that gave chodoi some report to fck the natives over on land and some fijian in finance did not like it and challenged it. he got his ass kicked and now lives in png or some dog place.

    the truth is that the fsc and the sugar industry needs to go major reform but the existing boys will not let this happen. fiji govt needs to bring some one from outside to fix the problems

    but too many choro fellas in place to let this happen more guts needed

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