One rule for me another for you

A Fiji Sun report has made clear, yet again, that Bainimarama has one rule for himself and another for everybody else. Mahendra Chaudhry texted the Fiji Sun to say “Your newspaper should first ask Bainimarama and (Sayed-) Khaiyum to declare their assets and their salaries.” Bainimarama’s response was to say “I will declare everything that is required under the decree when the time comes and that is when I register my party. ” He gave the Fiji Labour Party 28 days to re-register but he gives himself no time limit for following his own rules.

Fiji Sun May 23, 2013 PM, Chaudhry clash on assets

4 Responses to “One rule for me another for you”

  1. Kavita Sharma Says:

    Well M P Chodri, when you were PM – for a year – you use to apply the same rule – remember?
    One rule for you and another for everybody……I do understand that becoz of your age, you have forgotten lot of things. But we are here to remind you.
    Follow the rule Chodri becoz you do not have any A, B, or C options here.
    Tell us about your properties and money in Australia.

  2. losalini Says:

    oh kavita sharma. such bullshit. you know very well bainimarama and khaiyum are a bunch of liar. in the fiji sun, khaiyum boasted that they will declare their salaries. and we are still bai comes out with this insult.

  3. Mata Veilali Vaka Tevoro Says:

    Kavita you bitch that doesnt mean your monkey frank should not reveal his balls ,,,,,,bajaru

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