Is this the best they can do?


Look at the idiot on the left. FDN never ceases to be amazed at the pictures of our self-appointed PM put out by his propaganda machine. Is this really the best they can do? We’d love to see the pictures of this buffoon they throw away, if these are the best.

5 Responses to “Is this the best they can do?”

  1. marcedge Says:

    As per Qorvis, the pic has to be taken in front of a national flag.

  2. Kavita Sharma Says:

    look at that idiot and big time CHOR M. P. Chodri who should never be pictured on any national issues.
    Tell Chodri to provide evidence to the poor people of this country how he bought his kingdom in Australia??????

  3. Mata Veilali Vaka Tevoro Says:

    did frank have a stroke like tikoduadua ,,,ie unbalanced face with one big eye and one small eye

  4. Kavita Sharma Says:

    Chodri I heard your son Rajen “Year of Change” is desperately selling his law firm???
    Has he run out of money? I heard his house is also on Tender now?

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