The future of sugar

Blogger Navosavakadua has warned that the $80 a tonne FSC has announced for cane means that the industry will not last beyond the 2014 elections. FSC has been borrowing money to pay farmers $54 a tonne, so $80 a tonne must mean even larger borrowing. At the same time, long time farmers representative, Bala Dass, has warned that $80 a tonne is not enough to save the industry. Costs for farmers have risen faster than the cane payments and farmers have been struggling to get the working capital to stay in the business. Navosavakadua has said only help from the EU can save the industry and Bainimarama is ready to throw this away rather than allow the EU to participate as Election Observers.

Radio New Zealand 23 May, 2013 Fiji sugar rep rejects claim industry on way back up

Fiji Today 22 May 2013 The facts about our doomed sugar industry

One Response to “The future of sugar”

  1. Tama Says:

    Its common knowledge with cane farmers and the whole of Fiji, evidenced by lots of supporting indicators that the sugar industry is on rapid decline to its imminent death. This is the result largely of the illegal Govt’s mismanagement, incompetencies, failed relations with foreign supportive authorities and foreign Govts and widespread local corruption.

    The illegal Govt and supporters always point at freaks of nature ie bad weather, to be responsible. Bad weather has always been with us for decades from before we were born but the sugar industry marked decline in output has only been significant and consistent annually since the illegal Govt usurped power at gun point.

    The cause and effect relationship between Bhai’s name and sugar industry rapid decline is unmistakable.

    Govt incompetencies have been interwoven and hyped up by spin doctoring pronouncing higher expected productivities and improved capacities. These propaganda have been loud and deafening since Bhai took over only to be exposed by the realities of actual record low outputs and low overall sugar revenues.

    What self respect Vaniqi and his boss Bhainimarama have in their abilities and their reputation concerning their exposed lies???

    To all sugar cane farmers and the rest of Fiji the quicker we get rid of this illegal Govt and eradicate the Fiji army from existing ever, the better for your country.


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