More land for FSC, what about cane farmers?

FSC has announced it will acquire more land in Viti Levu to plant cane. FSC has 1200 acres in Seaqaqa, purchased for a sum of about $200,000 and now they’re looking at Viti Levu for lands in the South of Nadi, Penang and Rarawai for planting. Cane farmers who haven’t had their leases renewed want to know why the regime couldn’t help with their renewal. It seems that Bainimarama has a plan to return to the CSR days of plantations with the now landless cane farmers employed as coolies on screwed down wages.

Fiji Live May 23, 2013 FSC to acquire more land in Viti Levu

One Response to “More land for FSC, what about cane farmers?”

  1. The Sugarman Says:

    FSC is indeed returning to the colonial days of CSR where it owned vast areas of land to plant sugarcane. As times begin to change, it realized that this was not profitable and started to get rid of its sugarcane estates. This included the former NLDC land in Seaqaqa which it has now purchased. This is clearly a sign of desperation because the dumb CEO and his dumb advisers know fully well that cane farmers are leaving the industry faster than the cane can mature because of its unstable state. No doubt the IG will use free labor like prisoners to harvest sugarcane for the industries survival. I am saying it again, “the sugar industry is doomed.” Having the International Sugar Conference in Fiji and the new cane variety will not, and I repeat, will not resolve the mess that industry is in.

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