Vaniqi lets the truth slip out

The architect of the death of our sugar industry, Lt Col Manasa Vaniqi, has let slip the truth about the problem of non-renewal of cane leases. He said “One of the reasons the iTaukei landowners were reluctant to renew cane leases was the non-payment of leases”. It’s a problem that rents are low but a bigger problem is that rents are often not paid. Under the Qarase Government a computer system to manage payments was developed by Connex but this was scrapped by Bainimarama for political reasons and it’s the landowners who’ve paid the price. Rents are late or not paid and even when they’ve been paid, not distributed to landowners. Vaniqi’s solution to this problem is more empty words. “Lieutenant-Colonel Vaniqi said farmers had been told to pay their leases on time”.

Fiji Sun May 22, 2013 Landowners support lease renewal

One Response to “Vaniqi lets the truth slip out”

  1. joe black Says:

    this dick head manasa needs to put out and planted in the cane field or sent back to the hole he crawled out of with his no brain bull shit

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