Flip-flop Frank on protecting iTaukei land

Only last week our self-appointed Constitution maker told us that his (meaning Khaiyum’s) draft constitution provided full protection for iTaukei land. Now Radio Fiji (AKA Radio Khaiyum) is reporting Bainimarama as saying he will be making changes to make sure that iTaukei land is protected. And he’s not promising anything quickly. He knows he’s on the edge of a cliff, one wrong step and he’s over the side. His problem is that he has to rely on Khaiyum to make the changes and we all know all about Khaiyum’s “sunset clause”.

Radio Fiji 23 May 2013 1093 submissions received for draft constitution

4 Responses to “Flip-flop Frank on protecting iTaukei land”

  1. Jojo Greison Says:

    If you want it from the horses mouth, be sure to have a look at the AG’s own blogsite where he discusses these things quite openly in fact – and quite frankly:


  2. losalini Says:

    vinaka jojo G. everyone in fiji should read this blogsite.

  3. Mata Veilali Vaka Tevoro Says:

    Drau vicai kei nomu boso

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