Vanua Balavu blackout

Villagers on Vanua Balavu are angry by the lack of mobile reception on their island. Vodaphone, run by Aslam Khan, Frank’s best mate who’s always ready to lend a hand (or a wife) are suspected of disrupting the service to make it harder for the new SODELPA to communicate with their founding father.

Radio Fiji 21 May 2013 No mobile reception angers villagers

5 Responses to “Vanua Balavu blackout”

  1. Haroon Says:

    How disgusting you sound, are you talking about your own mum?

  2. losalini Says:

    this is a trick most dictators use. and if it is true, someone should inform Vodaphone licensing board, People on Vanua Balavu should Keep a record.

  3. Sereana Says:

    After reading Frank bhai it reminds me of Mrs Leba Qarase. I read in one of the blogs that Qarase used to send her to spend time with Ballu Khan so that Ballu supports Qarase Government.

    I think the editor is still in those old days and he thinks Aslam’s wife is just like Leba Qarase who will sleep with anybody and just “anybody”.

  4. Kavita Sharma Says:

    Oiley Ballu you still dreaming to have Aslam’s wife as your girlfriend???? Man, yes she is hot BUT I don’t think you are her cup of tea. Bad luck Ballu.

  5. Kavita Sharma Says:

    By the way Ballu I had an opportunity to watch that video where u made your girlfriend Agnes Bulatiko dance naked and…………..what a cheap act.

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