No big day for Div

Regime fellow-traveller Div Damodar, one of the few local businessmen to invest in our shaky post coup economy, has announced that there will be no big opening for his grand new investment at Damodar City. It will be just one tenant after another. They claim that only fifteen percent of the space in the complex is yet to be occupied, but if this was true they could easily have a grand opening. It’s starting to look like it might need to be renamed “Ghost City”.

Radio Fiji 21 May 2013 No grand opening for Damodar City

5 Responses to “No big day for Div”

  1. Dredd Says:

    div is a staunch regime ball polisher for which he has gain so much to the extent of being able to build that complex. I for one will step my feet in that property and will discourage my friends and family from doing so. Boycott this sycophant’s business and squeeze him out of operation. Let this be his Waterloo.

  2. Dredd Says:

    Sorry should have read ..will not step my feet in that property.

  3. Mr.Roberts Says:

    Damodar City is going to the best place for all Fijian people…Eagerly waiting for the grand opening…Some people doing something good for the country and some stupid people doing this..You are the cowards of fiji.I salute people like Div Damodar for doing something good for the country.

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    Good for Div! Wake us up when he makes a profit ROFLMAO.

  5. Douglas Says:

    Fiji is dying. Foreign investment is plummeting and tourists are getting the hint that behind the smiles and thank yous that the locals actually hate them. The coup has destroyed this country. Glad I’m an expat and can just leave when my contract finishes.

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