Heaping burning coals

Australian aid to Fiji next year will for the first time exceed $100 million. The Councillor in charge of Australian aid, Joanne Choe, said the increase will deliver on the Australian Government’s promise to double the size of AusAID’s bilateral budget to Fiji over two years. The money will be used to help the poorest children to attend school more regularly and work to see more babies growing safely through their early years. Australia will also help to promote food security and increase incomes for poor families. Best of all, however, we don’t have to pay back this money. It’s not a loan, like all the so-called aid from Malaysia, India and China. In doing this Australia is heaping burning coals on the head of the dictator, repaying his arrogance with concern for the poor and the sick.

Fiji Times May 21, 2013
$105m record aid

4 Responses to “Heaping burning coals”

  1. Dredd Says:

    I don’t know what to make out of this as the mind boggles with what is going on. I am sure there is a logical explanation to what Australia is doing. $105m is a massive amount of money to be dishing out. So are the Aussies rewarding bai for being naughty or what? The way the regime is going on it seems they have heaps to spare and don’t need any more from outside.

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    “We hope that in due course, some of this ODA can be channelled through the government system to provide budgetary support for the other competing priorities of government. Currently, some of the assistance is channelled through NGOs,” Mr Waqabaca said.”

    That just about sums it up. The regime and their stooges are salivating, gnashing their teeth and gently whining at what will never be.

  3. Anon Says:

    Hope like bloody hell that Australian aid does not go through government channels. Those in real need, like schools, charities etc it will never see it. Frankie and cohorts will undoubtedly try to pay off other loans with it.

  4. joe black Says:

    this wababaca guy must be one of the biggest dick heads in fiji to try and channel via govt system

    he should consider fiji lucky to be getting aid instead of other countries that have been cut back

    this pufter bitch needs to get his squeaky dick sucking head checcked

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