First Family First Class Travel


The freedom blogs have let out the secret that Bernadette Bainimarama went along for the ride to France to pick up the new Airbus. We know this hurts because one of the first comments came from a regime stooge saying “4.5 you are not helping anyone in making this kind of assumptions because you have not supported your assumptions with facts and are trying to touch on peoples emotion.” The anonymous poster tries to pose as an independent party by saying “we all agree that we want an end to all this military rule” but says “give us the facts and not something extracted out of thin air”. But this story wasn’t from thin air. It was from Bernadette B’s Facebook posting. Other genuine bloggers put their finger on the real issue: why wasn’t Makereta Matemosi, the designer of the Masi motif now used on the aircraft, invited to make the flight?

4 Responses to “First Family First Class Travel”

  1. salesorovaki Says:

    puleeeseee is called mata ni ta kunea or kanaloto…whichever way it is FB’s family would not have come nowhere near these privileges by the sweat of their ululala father’s brow if not for the power othe gun. marykean and kids, you are all so f’kn sucked up in this. members of our familes have died and suffered becos of your father’s actions for no reason at all. may you all rot in hell. may the curse of all who suffered befall your family. cursed you. curse you all to hell…

  2. losalini Says:

    bainimarama and his free-loading family. corruption and nepotism at its best. and bragging about it too. shame, shame and double shame.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Ahem! salesorovaki has benefited too – the house, the car and the job Ulala

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    Enjoy it while it lasts runts.

    Keep this right on up and we will be gracious enough to give you adjoining suites to your folks in the Pen. Taxpayers would trip over themselves to pay for the incarceration of the Bainimarama tribe — the bane of Fiji.

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