Cleaning up after Tikoitoga

The new chairman of FRU, the Bainimarama nominee, Filimoni Waqabaca, has ordered a forensic audit to discover what happened to produce the $600,000 loss suffered by FRU last year. Waqabaca is the man trusted to cover up the secret multiple salary payments to Bainimarama and Khaiyum, so we can be sure he will make sure that the mishandling of money by Tikoitoga, the former Chairman, will be covered up. Over-spending is the standard operating procedure for any RFMF officer, but Bainimarama will not want this to be confirmed.

Fiji Village: 20/05/2013 FRU to bring in accounting firm for forensic audit

2 Responses to “Cleaning up after Tikoitoga”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Waqabaca will ‘clean up’ after the illegal & treasonous regime, like he has successfully done with government coffers, FNPF and all those statutory bodies that he proudly lords over at the regime’s behest.

    We can inscribe his name alongside Aisake Taito’s in the annals of our sorry coup history as proud aidders and abettors of high treason who held taxpayers needs at ransom using economic subterfuge.

  2. joe black Says:

    i guess u know waqabaca well and also know he is light weight puff cock sucker he has no hope of doing fck all

    aisake survived only because he outed felix and crew for being big choros and being roko liu’s brother in law

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