Giving Tick the flick

The Fiji Sun is using the symbol of the Tick for its corrupt reports of village support for Bainimarama after receiving government funded projects. Will this be the Bainimarama party symbol? FDN thinks the Tick is really a Kutu Sebe and the support that the Fiji Sun reported for Bainimarama is like the morning mist – when the sun shines it will be gone. A posting on Coup 4.5 blog gives us the proof.

“I refer to your article in the Fiji Sun today, 15/5 attributed to Jolame Namalo, purported spokesperson for the village of Nakorovou Rewa supporting Bainimarama and calling on Roko Tui Dreketi to quit politics.
This needs to be corrected. The truth is Jolame Namalo is a supporter of the new SODELPA for which he signed its registration as number 878 under registration number 0143-369-00300. Eighty-six other villagers of Nakorovou signed with him the registration of this new party including his close family members.
Again he knows full well that a number of villagers supported the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi political ambition and joined her delegation that presented her petition on the draft constitution to Government.
Therefore his and so-called village support for Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and his Government is selfishly motivated, simply for development sake.
Jolame should be reminded that Government will provide development assistance to all Fijians irrespective of political persuasion in an honest and transparent manner depending on need and not to mislead Government as Jolame think.”

2 Responses to “Giving Tick the flick”

  1. Vunidawa Says:

    Indigenous Fijians and Govt they had supported had been claimed by the current illegal Govt and its supporters as racist but look up this recent report on the most racist countries, implying their peoples and populations are the most racists…not us Fijians…..

    ‘Most racist’ countries (and the answers may surprise you)
    •Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Jordan and India named least tolerant countries
    •U.S., Britain, Canada and South America are among the least racist
    •Survey asks people if they would want neighbours of a different race


    Bhaini thinks he has the support and people are singing praises as long as they are assited.
    SODELP is the way forward out of this mess

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