The truth about health care

A blogger on Coup 4.5 posted this story which is typical of what we hear all the time – not enough staff, not enough medicines. None of the regime big shots ever get their health care at Government hospitals and clinics.

“Last week a female cleaner was asked to help in delivering a baby at Labour Ward[CWMH],our mothers sometimes gave birth on the floor.This due to lack of Mid-wife’s and congested rooms,filled up beds!!! The allocated staff per shift in labour ward is pathetic!! There should be more mid-wife’s roostered in a single shift the current is taking its toll on the current staff due to increase population 15 years ago but still neglected and not taken to account as this directly increase new birth,the staffing based their logic on last 20 years data staff/patient ratio.Another mum gave birth inside the toilet,all due to lack of staff together with poor human resource management in this particular ward.Remember at Labour ward a staff is responsible for a mother and child and just image in a shift when you have only 3or4 staffs.they cater internally, direct from home, Nausori,wainibokasi etc.When beds are fully occupied what you people think our mothers gone go thru if she is asked by a staff to give birth on the floor I I Minister for health stop the publicity on the media and tell PM the right thing … stop cheating.This a new addition to a family a new visitor and its our own forget about visitor arrival in Nadi,focus here in our labour ward,give a facelift on this ward increase staffing ratio or at least provide more beds.The only ward in CWMH which is fully occupied 24/7 year in year out.PM go direct to labour ward and check this out in in their record.Minister sleeping in his job take him out PM he is lying to you all this time.I feel sorry for the mum who lost her new born this week due to this pathetic situation!!”

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