Get real Jack

Veteran blogger Real Jack has called for a Commission of Inquiry into the “whole procurement process” for the PRB flats built by China Railway No. 1. He wants “a retired Judge – eg Justice Shameem together with an Engineer and an Architect and Quantity Surveyor to do a FULL AND COMPREHENSIVE INQUIRY into this thing and leave no stone unturned”. FDN couldn’t agree more but Jack is dreaming if he thinks Bainimarama would seriously consider an independent inquiry. If PRB had got this wrong by not reading the contract they signed someone would take the fall for it. Bainimarama knows that people are fed up with the way the Chinese friends get favoured treatment from Bainimarama. The most likely explanation is Bainimarama’s office approved a change after the contract was signed. One of the monkies like Ben Naliva probably OKed the contract changes by text message.

Real Jack on Fiji Board Exiles

One Response to “Get real Jack”

  1. Haroon Says:

    Has Judge Shameem retired??????? How incorrect posting!

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