Police secrets exposed

Freedom blog site Solivakasama Worldwide Movement has named one of the perpetrators on the Torture Video. He’s Sanita Laqenisici whose police badge is PC 3453. Another is named as ‘FILI’ who works as a back up driver and in Intel for Bainimarama. “‘Sources say the ute seen in the video, with the licence plate number FL541, is a police task force vehicle previously used by the director of CID, which was then given to the drugs team and then the Strike Back Team of Fiji’s commissioner of police, Ioane Naivalurua” ‘One thing we can be sure – the only action that the corrupted police force will take on this revelation is to try to find who the source of the information is.

SWM for a better Fiji May 14, 2013 Torturers Identified

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