The land issue will not lie down

Bainimarama was spooked by concerns in the iTaukei community about the security of their land under his new constitution. He warned people not to spread lies and then Police chief of operations, Assistant Commissioner Rusiate Tudravu, followed this up with a warning that the police and RFMF were watching. Now propaganda chief Smith-Johns is trying to hose down the issue, realising that the more people talk about the issue, the more concerns are fanned. All that’s needed now is for the police to arrest someone or for the RFMF to give one of their camp visits. All that will prove is that the issue concerns iTaukei, including the troops who keep Bainimarama in power. Click on the Radio Australia link below to get the whole story.

Radio Australia 13 May 2013 Fiji police deny they are monitoring political activity

2 Responses to “The land issue will not lie down”

  1. Navosavakadua Says:

    There’s only one person who should be arrested for spreading lies about the security of Native land it’s Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum . His claim that his Bill of Rights makes indigenous Fijian land safe is a lie.

    The Bill of Rights mentions economic rights, which could include rights of tenants to land they have been using, whether they actually pay rent or not, but the Bill of Rights does not mention Native land.

  2. charlie Says:


    The birth of the NATIVE LAND TRUST BOARD (NLTB) was not intended for the protection of Fijian Land as everyone seems to think.

    It originated back in the WILKINSON days where the British Government was incharge of all the running of the daily function of Fiji. The government then foresaw the future of themselves in the arrival of settlers to Fiji therefore the land was seen to be a good source of income for the Fiji government. It was and still is a government trust and had/has nothing to do with the protection of Fijian lands as we’re all made to believe.

    The NLTB did not mean THE LAND OWNERS TRUST BOARD as it should have been for the purpose of protecting the Fijian Landowners and their land.

    All Fijian Landowners back then were dumb to realise that the government was pulling wool over their eyes by saying we will protect your land. The current government is doing exactly that and worse Little did the landowners realise that the NLTB are saying to them, yep, you still own the land and we will run her affairs for us to benefit us but you and your people.

    Dealings with land all over the world is left in the hands of the owners with the assistance of the their government. Not in Fiji. The Fiji government dictates the rates that a piece of land is worth, it keeps the majority of the rental or lease and then sprinkle the crumbs to the land owners. This is evident in the current land situation in Fiji.

    Every landowners should look after the affairs of their land, collect the revenues from her and then pay the tax on the revenue gathered. The current governments Bill of Rights is not worth the paper its written on if things are not spelt out in clear English for all to understand and that includes the rights of every Fijian land owners.

    Fijians are now educated and are more then capable to deal with their own affairs.

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