More Abdul Khan dodgy figures

According to the regime’s FSC boss, Abdul khan, last year the Labasa mill crushed about 400,000 tonnes of sugar cane and produced about 45,000 tonnes of sugar. That gives a ratio of 8.8 tonnes of cane for a tonne of sugar, which would be good if we could believe it. If it was true then it would mean that the other mills must have been much worse than the national average of 13 tonnes of cane for each tonne of sugar. But Abdul Khan is so careless with facts that he didn’t notice that his forecast of 540,000 tonnes of cane this year to produce around 54,000 tonnes means a ratio of 10, which would be going backwards from 8.8. Abdul Khan drops figures all around the place but the most recent figures published on the FSC website are for 2010.

Fiji Times May 14, 2013
Mill ready to crush

2 Responses to “More Abdul Khan dodgy figures”

  1. The Sugarman Says:

    Abdul Khan is the stupidest CEO I have come across. Talking about figures he does not know anything about. Labasa Mill used to crush over 1 million tonnes of cane per season at roughly 9 to 11 tcts, and producing over 100, 000 tonnes of sugar. To try and justify the 450,000 tonnes at 8.8tcts is bizzare. You cannot make any profit when the factory with a capacity of over 1 million tonnes is producing at less than 50% but with approximately the same number of workers and almost the same season length. In reality, if the production was 450,000 tonnes cane, then the Mill should have finished its crushing season in September. Instead it ended in November some 2 months later. Mr Khan, you cannot fool people all the time.

  2. joe black Says:

    sugarman you are right on the button

    abdul khan is big bullshit artist and major con man trying to bull shit his way through fiji into the coffers of fdb for loans to build bull shit co- gen plant

    he was fund raising in canada which tate and lyle spotted without fsc approval or fiji govt approval they told the mussie fsc accountant ali but he was in tight with khan

    the dumb ass board don’t know shit and it is highly likely that eu share same opinion thats is why they give money directly to farmers by passing all the parasites on the way

    fsc needs bid clean up starting with the biggest dick head mansa vaniqi and his mate vilio guacake these bstrds are blood suckers of dickhead proportions and the tate and lyle guys love them because the can screrw them for low prices

    man the govt needs to ewake up and get rid of these shit people and help the poor farmers and families get a better life

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