An insult to the Vanua o Rewa

Bainimarama in his capacity as self-appointed Minister for iTaukei Affairs has appointed Uraia Waibuta as Chairman of the Rewa provincial Council to replace their elected Chairman, na Gone Marama Bale na Roko Tui Dreketi. This is a calculated insult to both democracy and Fijian custom, proving that Bainimarama cares for neither. By accepting this appointment, Uraia Waibuta is aiding and abetting this insult to his province and his high chief.

Fiji Sun May 13, 2013 Help on way for Rewa

3 Responses to “An insult to the Vanua o Rewa”

  1. anonymous Says:

    is this the same Uraia Waibuta who supposed to be in charge of ag extension

    so is he the one who cut production of copra and every other agriculture product

  2. Rewan Says:

    Why blame Bainimarama and Urai Waibuta – blame Rewans and us in general for doing sweet f—all for the last seven years

  3. Liu Muri Says:

    what the f’n big deal,,,,,development is needed who gives a heck who is chairing the council??? it is an arm of govt anyway and the chiefly title of Roko Tui Dreketi cannot be removed from Ro Kepa.
    However, Rewans know that when the vote only the person ticking knows who he ticked for (eg ,,,SVT sheds were full in Rewa in 1992 but Nationalists won ,,,,,,,losing SVT candidate Vunibobo said from today i now confirm what others have always told me “Never trust the sweet words of a kai Rewa”….
    he he ,,,,,,,,let the development come and the see the fun at voting time!!!

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