Why has Bainimarama made himself the land dictator?


Blogger Navosavakadua on Fiji Coup 2006 blogsite has written a long article quoting a NZ study showing the wide powers Bainimarama has given himself over land. This study shows:

“landowners have NO say after ceding their land to the Frank Bank” -all terms of a lease are set by Bainimarama without any need to consult landowners or anybody else.

Tenants also have no rights – The NZ study concludes “The State holds all the power in the lease relationships: it has a vast array of powers and can exercise these with impunity because there is no judicial oversight.”

Navosavakadua concludes “..the Land Use Decree gives Bainimarama the power to take native land on whatever terms he likes. The fact that he’s used this power very carefully up to now shows only that he is stealthy. His only aim is to entrench his dictatorship.”

But why has Bainimarama showed his hand so clearly? We all know land is a sensitive issue. Surely this must be a mistake.

Fiji Coup 2006 May 10 2013 Truth about Bainimarama’s Land Use Decree to tke Native Land on Whatever Terms he Likes

One Response to “Why has Bainimarama made himself the land dictator?”

  1. Navosavakadua Says:

    Khaiyum probably convinced Bainimarama that no-one would understand how wide his powers created by his Land Use Decree are. It’s not easy to see because the powers are all buried in the LUD’s power to ‘designate” land.

    The basis of the plan is simple: show the landowners a bit of cash upfront and they’ll sign on, trusting a government run by the military which has in the past always been seen as safeguarding iTaukei interests.

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