No Bainimarama party till 2014

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has told Fiji Sun that his proposed political party will be launched in 2014. Why the long wait? He gave the existing parties 28 days to re-register but he gives himself a leisurely 12 months to get his party together. Has he so few supporters that he has to give himself 7 months to find some?

Fiji Sun May 11, 2013 PM’s proposed party gets more support

2 Responses to “No Bainimarama party till 2014”

  1. Utovou Says:

    He wants to maximise the use of his office govt funds to finance his campaigning.

    Every time he visits countryside and talks to public he is campaingning, funded the poor citizens.

    But we allow him to do this….we are like somebody being raped in silence by Bainimarama……so we are going to go on allowing him to do this to us???????

    We should revolt

  2. Kanaloto Says:

    He he ,,,,sa mavoa nodai lavo ni toso tale tiko na namu keina voli veitokoni me dua tale na yabaki
    dou yavu sona lelevu kana loto!!!

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