Chinese call the shots

Did anyone doubt for a moment that the Chinese construction firm would win their dispute with the Public Rental Board? They’ve been allowed to double their cost and lower their standards because the Chinese Government has bought Bainimarama lock, stock and barrel. How can it be that the Public Rental Board didn’t know that they were agreeing to use Chinese standards, not local standards? Was the contract written in Chinese? Or was it negotiated or renegotiated behind the closed doors of Bainimarama’s office? The Fiji Village report says it all: “Meanwhile, PRB has referred all queries to the Prime Minister’s Office.”

Fiji Village: 10/05/2013 PRB agreed to Chinese National Standards – China Railway

2 Responses to “Chinese call the shots”

  1. Dredd Says:

    It might end being an uncompleted project like the Momi resort. Or else they have to fork out the additional cost which would escalate with the passage of time meaning it will become unaffordable for the low earners who were targeted for this housing scheme. This project is a total bummer and some people have to be taken to task except of course our impermeable bai who is above the law.

  2. Useless Fiji military Says:

    just another Fiji military fark up?

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