The Pflieger files

Bloggers on Coup 4.5 have been posting furiously about the Air Pacific/FA Airbus 330 issue. Many are obviously from the AP/FA, other look like Khaiyum or one of his lackeys.

“Ceo dave – how can he stay in deanarau and also pay hefty rent in suva – how can a daves PA use his luxury FL378 to drop kids to school n make personal runs”

“Let the truth be known, Air Pacific and Dave Pfliger made a monumental blunder when without proper due diligence and understanding Air Pacific’s route network ordered the A330-200. This plane is a good plane but the wrong aircraft for Air Pacific whose route network and stage lengths (segments) vary from 3 hours to Auckland to 10 hours + for Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Did the team consider cargo and baggage or did they assume that each tourist from LA would check in a 5kg suitcase? No one to date is talking about payload and as sure as the sun rises from the East, Fiji, AG, PM and the taxpayers (who had no say in the matter) will live to regret the A330-200 which is the wrong aircraft choice for Fiji and its important tourism industry.”

One Response to “The Pflieger files”

  1. anonymous Says:

    I guess one thing in their favour at the moment in relation to this payload issue, is the fact that the A330 isn’t being required to fly fully-booked. So the lack of passengers means the reduced baggage capacity isn’t really an issue. Yet.

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