Thank you Grubby – Go MPC!!

Everyone loves ‘positive feedback’, Mahendra Chaudhry must be happy to see that he’s been targetted by the Qorvis Grub propaganda machine. They claim that MPC has not been cooperating with journalists!! We can be sure that the regime is getting feedback that Chaudhry is very effective in his attacks on them. Behind the scenes we can be sure that Khaiyum will be giving a lot of time to rigging the judiciary to ensure that they can convict Chaudhry to keep him out of elections next year. Thank you Grubby for the feedback!! We love your work.

Fiji Sun May 9, 2013 The politics of economy with the truth

5 Responses to “Thank you Grubby – Go MPC!!”

  1. losalini Says:

    graham davis doin what he does best; bullshitting! … at least MC has the balls to confront this illegal military idiots. you live in a democratic country and yet you want us fijians to live under a dictatorship?

  2. Nizam Says:

    Davis’ articles on grubsheet are indeed a reflection of regime worries. It is clear that Chaudhry still wields a lot of power and his supporters could end Bainimarama’s election fantasies with a bang. So all guns firing at MPC.

  3. Francis Says:

    Perhaps we should return to the subject that Graham addresses in his excellent article: The devious and untruthful ways of Mr Chaudhry. You all seem to have forgotten what a conniving snake this man is. He has stolen millions from the poor and parked it in Australian bank accounts. So far he remains unpunished for these crimes. Then as Finance Minister, he tricked our PM (who was new in the job of PM back then) into accepting a leave pay out of FJ$ 200,000. Although being only a small fraction of the money that Chaudhry had stolen, the opposition got an incredible political mileage out of this pay out and Chaudhry must have been celebrating when our PM fell for his trap. This man should long have been sent to Naboro and the only critique I have for this government is that allowed this deceitful and corrupt politician to still walk free and mock our PM and his AG.

  4. losalini Says:

    sobo Francis, now you are blaming MC for giving bai his $148,000 back leave pay? bai had the guns and still has them aimed at the fijian people. davis is being paid to attack anyone who is opposed to this military govt.and you are probably benefitting too.

  5. Francis Says:

    Me benefitting? I have double work load as PS and Commodore and my pay package has been cut!

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